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What is a Joint Venture?

A joint venture (also known as a JV or strategic alliance) is an arrangement that will be of mutual benefit between two (or more) people, businesses or companies who have complementary resources or assets that can be leveraged.

Types of Joint Ventures

  • Licensing

    Either license your product to another business to sell or acquire a license to an established product to sell to your clients.

  • Offline or Local Joint Venture

    Joint venture with a business, either locally or worldwide who has a product that compliments yours.

  • Online Joint Venture

    Email marketing, banner advertising or guest blog post to an established website or email list to promote your business.

Benefits of a Joint Venture

  • Saves Time

    Leverage an existing active client base instantly by giving value to the list owners clients and additional income stream to the list owner.

  • Unlock Potential

    Leverage the infrastructure, resources and skills of partner organisations to scale your business with unlimited potential growth.

  • Residual Income

    Boost revenue with residual income from capitalising on your untapped assets.

Why consider a Joint Venture?

A joint venture is a win-win situation because everybody gains and nobody loses. Joint ventures cut through the top heavy expense of finding large numbers of customers from scratch. You don’t need to do any market research. You don’t need to buy a lot of expensive advertising. You don’t need to weed out unqualified clients. Joint ventures drive right to the customer in one swoop.

Why Work With Healthy Joint Ventures ?

Ethical Framework.

As an ethical business we believe that good business benefits ALL, not only the joint venture partners but also the end user of the product or service.

Certificated Joint Venture Broker.

We have joint ventured ourselves with Sohail Khan's Joint Venture Group. This allows us to tap into a larger pool of distributors, products, expertise and of course Sohail Khan himself.


Specialist in Healthcare Industry

Our CEO Craig Page is a qualified general nurse with 20 years experience in the healthcare field plus 5 years online marketing knowledge.  This has given us a unique insight into what healthcare companies needs are and how to service those needs in a digital age.

Understanding Business Growth.

We recognise there are 3 simple fundamentals to your business growth. More leads or clients, more sales or conversion to sales from leads and more recurrent or addition sales from existing customer base.

Ready to find out how a Healthy Joint Venture could help your business generate more leads, more sales and addition income streams...?


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